Salty Language #213: Molesto Delicioso

Salty Language #213: Molesto Delicioso


Tony and Bryan discuss Bryan’s insurance silliness, the Salty Language Pick ‘Em league, short jorts, Jeep wave gets weird, Dark Horse Brewing mug club, creepy mascot, ‘Arseface’ and ‘Cassidy’ from ‘Preacher’ first look, DC changes are coming, Black Mask Studios’ comics on Comixology and Kindle, Is Daniel a bully in ‘The Karate Kid’?, Bryan’s appearances on other podcasts, #workcreep stories, the return of SUATMM!, our Q of the W, and more!


Big changes coming at DC Comics:

More on DC’s upcoming changes:
Karate Kid: Daniel is the real bully:

First look at ‘Arseface’ and ‘Cassidy’ from ‘Preacher’:

Black Mask Studios comics are on Comixology and Kindle:

Words added to the dictionary:

‘The Iron Giant’ returning to theaters, Blu-Ray announced:

Craft Beer Hound’s can shaped pint glasses:

Salty Language Patreon page:

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