Graphic Novice #070: Friends of Snow

Graphic Novice #070: Friends of Snow


The Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast returns for at least one more episode as Nickel, VF, & Snow lay down another 2 hours down on tape. Almost 3 weeks of life have passed since episode 69, and the guys catch up before moving on to discuss all the comics they haven’t read.

Nickel recalls an encounter with Canadian Reggae Sensation and friend of the show, Snow, and man of adventure, VF, recalls a day in the Escape room, but only after complaining about Episode 69.1.  Mix in a debate about twitter, some brief discussions about going to the movies, drinking habits, Whale Wars, plans for Rose City Comiccon, and a discussion of Neil’s reaction to “The Slut Whisperer”, and you’ve got about an hour of non-comic related banter to start out this episode of the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast before the subject matter gets back to comics.

In “Comic News”, the guys discuss friend of the show, Nate’s, Tupperware full of ’90’s comics, and some of the gold that Nickel was gifted out of said Tupperware full of 90’s comics.

For the “Rapid-Fire Review” segment, we review some of the comics released way back on August 5 & August 12, 2015, including Detective Comics #43, Deadly Class #15, We Stand On Guard #2, Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #3, Broken World #3, Batman #43 (first appearance of Mr. Bloom), Earth 2 Society #3, Starve #3, and Secret Wars #5.

Next Episode we’ll get caught up with the reviews, and hopefully, we’ll both have read a few more of the books that we purchased. Thanks so taking the time to check us out.  Your listener appreciation gift bags will be mailed out soon.

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