New Salty Language #212: Wet Richards and Limp Farts

New Salty Language #212: Wet Richards and Limp Farts


Tony and Bryan discuss Tony’s work week, tweet thieves, the ‘Fat Jew’ loses his pilot, Hefewheaties beer, ABC orders ‘Mockingbird’ pilot, theory about Leto’s ‘Joker’, Norm McDonald as Colonel Sanders, traffic death signs, Count Chocula beer, a Salty Language Pick ‘Em league, our Q of the W recap, this week’s Q of the W, and more!


Jared Leto’s ‘Joker’ maybe is a former ‘Robin’?:

ABC orders ‘Mockingbird’ pilot:

Woman ran a marathon free bleeding:

Count Chocula beer:

The ‘Fat Jew’ is a hack:

Real life first person shooter:

Norm McDonald is the ‘Real Colonel Sanders’:


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