Who The What Now?! #045: Moonwars & Bro-rangles

Who The What Now?! #045: Moonwars & Bro-rangles


One of the best episodes to date! In this king sized episode, we are joined by returning co-host Jeremy Johnston who braved a valley of C.H.U.D.s to record! We review Ant-Man & the controversy (spoiler alert!) we liked it! We talk about our TOP 3 Movies to watch while sick, trespassing in a haunted house, kestering, an underground network of cats, the podcast Moonwars explained, The Graphic Novice non- embargo and the damage done to their “bro-rangle” with Michael, Jeremy’s take on the Joker, Harley Quinn’s psychology, space chickens, butthole tight science, Kidney Stones, Jeremy’s extra wide peehole.

ALSO is Michael a chubby chaser? Is Michelle a Sith lord?

…AND The most genuine laugh Michael has ever expressed on a podcast.

…AND HOMEWORK for Podcast Without Boarders!


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