Graphic Novice #068: Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Graphic Novice #068: Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness


Graphic Novice returns from an unscheduled hiatus with a landmark episode 68 with opening music by Henno.  VF and his sidekick discuss the stress of not reading comics, cabin renovations, Michael Leal, The Salty Language Podcast, bidets and bathroom sanitation, adventures at the dentist’s office, VF vs. The Angry Ginger and a t-shirt update.

The “Comic News” segments covers Ant-Man, Batman v. Superman and why Graphic Novice didn’t spend any time talking about the San Diego Comic Con this year.

In an attempt to get caught up, the guys have to dip way back into June and hide how few books they’ve actually read with an extremely selective version of “Rapid-Fire Review”.  The comic books discussed include We Are Robin #1, E is For Extinction #1, X-Men ’92 #1, and Ninjak #4 (from June 24, 2015), Captain Canuck #2, Detective Comics #42, Secret Wars #4 (From July 1, 2015), Batman #42, Earth 2 Society 2, Starve #2 (interspersed with a Todd McFarland rant), Civil War #1 and Boom!’s Strange Fruit #1.

Things are wrapped up, as always, with a look towards the books we’ll be discussing next week.  Thanks for listening, listeners.  We love you!

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