Graphic Novice #066: One Flew Under The Chicken Coop

Graphic Novice #066: One Flew Under The Chicken Coop


After a week off, Graphic Novice returns to discuss Nickel’s appearances on other podcasts (Gotham Lights, The Stranger Conversations, The History of Bad Ideas), as well as VF’s glorious chicken coop, Graphic Novice merchandise, and a few other off-topic topics.

After getting a few kinks worked out of the show, we finally move things along to our review of new comics released June 10, 2015, including Crossed Plus 100 #5, Lantern City #2, Batman #41, Detective Comics #41, Gotham Academy #7, Starfire #1, Mad Max Fury Road; Furiosa, Birthright #8, Black Science #15, Chrononauts #4, Descender #4, Saga #29, Savior #3, Starve #1, Ghost Racers #1, Inhumans Atillan Rising #2,  Secret Wars Journal #2, Silk #5, Spider-Gwen #5, Weirdworld #1, Grimm Tales of Terror #11.

Before calling it a night, we look ahead to the books we’ll be discussing from June 17 and June 24, 2015.  Thanks for listening.

Please feel free to drop us a line if our discussion of authentic Graphic Novice merchandise has left you with a hole of desire that can only be filled by kick ass keychain bottle openers, super sweet coasters or “I heart Graphic Novice” T-Shirts.

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