Graphic Novice #063: Moon Wars Aint Easy

Graphic Novice #063: Moon Wars Aint Easy


Back in the studio after the landmark “Guide to Secret Wars” episode, VF and Nickel spend some much needed alone time with one another.  As is often the case, it takes a little while before the topic of discussion finally gets around to comics (40 minutes to be exact).  Off-topic banter includes an update on Nickel’s cabin acquisition, The Salty Language Podcast attempting to deflate Graphic Novice’s Moon War victory, Doc Thirst’s disdain for his fans, podcast listening habits, the weather, VF’s chickens, Mad Max, and how Nickel gets drunk and lies about stuff to try and make friends at parties.

After the hauntingly beautiful “Comic News” bumper blesses your earballs, the guys discuss the Super Girl trailer, and the now cancelled Archie Comics kickstarter campaign.

Two weeks of books (May 6, 2015 and May 13, 2015) are covered in the “Rapid-Fire Review” segment including Afterlife With Archie #8, Convergence #5, Jupiter’s Circle #2, Nailbiter #12, The Wicked + The Divine #10, Amazing Spider-Man #18, Ant-Man #5, Punisher #18, Secret Wars #1, Spider-Gwen #4, Spider-Woman #7, Wolverines #17, Lantern City #1, Rebels #2, Convergence #6, Birthright #7, Black Science #14, Chrononauts #3, East of West #19, Savior #2, Walking Dead #141, Howard the Duck #3, Magneto #18, Ms. Marvel #15, Night Nurse #1, Secret Wars #2, Silk #4, Thor #8, Uncanny Avengers #4 and Wolverines #18.

As always, we wrap things up looking at the books we’ll be reading from the following week, and finally say our farewells.  Thanks to everyone for your support, interaction and feedback.

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