A Graphic Novice Guide to Marvel’s Secret Wars

Graphic Novice #062.1: A Graphic Novice Guide to Marvel’s Secret Wars


Graphic Novice scribe Desmond Hassing joins Nickel & VF to take an in depth look at Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars.  Throughout the episode, we take a look at the history of Secret Wars, try to figure out how it will end, and eventually work through the giant list of new titles Marvel will release as part of the event.  To the surprise of no one, things tend to veer off-topic occasionally, but if you’re looking for information to help you navigate the muddied waters of Marvel’s Secret Wars event, where better to turn than the Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast (don’t answer that)?

As we closed in on the 3-hour mark, Des is blindsided by the decision to wrap things up, but not to be denied, he sneaks in a brief “Rapid-Fire Review” segment to discuss a couple books Nickel & VF haven’t discussed before, including Image Comics’ No Mercy #2.

Tell your friends, co-workers, and grandparents, that the answers to all their Secret Wars questions have finally been answered…  The Graphic Novice Guide to Marvel’s Secret Wars is here!

Also…  VF bought some pet chickens.

Editor’s Note: We apologize if this podcast makes this already confusing event even more confusing.  We are who we are.

Thanks for not kicking us off the interwebs just yet.  If you enjoy or hate this podcast enough to leave an iTunes review, drop us a line and we’ll send you a handwritten thank-you letter.

Thank-you so much for listening.

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