Snake Oil Comics Episode #056

Snake Oil Comics Episode #056: The Struggle Bus Stronghold on Motor City Comic Con

Travis decides that he won’t be doing the show this week. So, Devin fires up the Struggle Bus and interviews Kevin Roberts, artist on Stronghold. After the break, we play all the interviews that Devin did from the floor of Motor City Comic Con. Devin had the chance to interview Joshua Werner (Source Point Press), Eric Adams (Lackluster World), Evan Derian, Jim Towe (Silver Plague), Sam & Kim Eggleston (Dead by Wednesday), Jay DeFoy, Keith Grachow (Arcane Awakening), Onrie Kompan (Yi Soon Shin), Brian Pulido (Lady Death), Jim Calafiore, Christina Marin (Super Chi Studios), Seth Damoose (Tales of Mr.Rhee), Dirk Manning (Write or Wrong), Jay Fosgitt (Bodie Troll), Scott Steiner (WCW/WWE), Billy Tucci (Shi), John Ostrander (Martian Manhunter), Mike McKone, and Tyler and Sara Sowles (Killistration Studios).

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