Graphic Novice #062: Battleworld: VF vs. Nickel

Graphic Novice #062:  Battleworld: VF vs. Nickel


Everything starts out nice and civil as VF and Nickel discuss Mother’s Day, marriage, regional differences in Canada, Rose City Comic Con, meeting new people, fear of financing, mortgages, and the cabin financing until things get a little heated during a debate of the merits of Marvel’s Secret Wars Event.  VF is really optimistic and positive about Secret Wars after the first book, Nickel decides to rant incoherently on the negative side.  In a nonsensical tirade, Nickel insults Stan Lee and broad range of comic writers and confuses the ’60s with the ’80s, while VF prefers the path of common sense.  Early polls have Round 1 going to VF, but Nickel’s incessant rambling evens the score by giving VF a migraine.

In our “Rapid-Fire Review” segment for books released on April 29, 2015, we talk about Batman #40, Convergence #4, Alex + Ada #14, Bitch Planet #4, Outcast #8, Red One #2, All-New Captain America #6, Avengers #44, Fantastic Four #645, Inhuman #14, Moon Knight #14, New Avengers #33, Nova #30, Silk #3, Superior Iron-Man #8, Wolverines #16, and X-Men #26.

After wrapping up our discussion of a week of reading, we once again look ahead to the books coming out on May 6, 2015 and pick the books we’re most excited about.

Unite the Seven.

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