Salty Language Episode #198: Clangin’ & Bangin’

 Salty Language Episode #198: Clangin’ & Bangin’


Tony and Bryan blow hot air about Harry Shearer of The Simpsons, Archie Comics’ Kickstarter, M1 fighting, The Rock’s diet and Instagram, Supergirl trailers, The Flash, Arrow, Tony on the Rob And Slim Show, Moon Wars, Comics, a Dr. Doom reality show, and more!


Archie Comics’ Kickstarter:

Supergirl Trailer 1:

Supergirl Trailer 2:

Harry Shearer Off The Simpsons:

M1 Fighting:

The Rock’s Diet:

Telestrations Game:
Tony’s Appearance on The Rob And Slim Show:

Salty Language Patreon page:
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