Graphic Novice #060.1: Free Comic Book Day 2015 (with Annaleis Cetrangolo & Michael Leal)

Graphic Novice #060.1: Free Comic Book Day 2015 (with Annaleis Cetrangolo & Michael Leal)


 WTWN v. DAPF v. GN:  Dawn of The Who The Dark Graphic Freak Now. 

 VF and Nickel get together with a couple of their favorite podcasters, Annaleis (@wiretechgirl) from The Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Podcast and Michael Leal (@michael_leal) from Who The What Now to share tales of Free Comic Book Days Past and Present.  Before we get to Free Comic Book Day, we take everyone down the rabbit hole with us and discuss parenting other people’s children, Tenacious D heading north of the wall, the financial woes of podcasters, Gotham, and The Gotham Lights podcast and more.  Eventually we do talk about some more on-topic matters, including Free Comic Book Day, opening a Comic shop in Napa City, and The Avengers Age of Ultron movie.

Our thanks to Annaleis and Michael for taking a couple hours to chat, and to everyone who takes the time to listen.  We’ll be back to our regular broadcasting format next episode.

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