Musings of a Geek Joins the Danger Entertainment podcast network!

 We are happy to announce that Musings of a Geek has partnered up with the Danger Entertainment podcast Network! Listen to their show and hang out with Dan, Des & Will as they chat about everything geek!


Musings of a Geek #086: Musings Nights


This weeks Musings turns the lights down low and gets right to it with Musings Nights! We discuss: Will’s love of sandwiches when drunk, Des’ trip to Tabletop day, the Man with the Gyrocopter landing at the White House, the return of Guitar Hero, Party Games, Batman v Superman trailer, Jared Leto as the Joker, Wonder Woman director woes, Adrian Peterson’s return to football, Game of Thrones, Star Wars trailer, An argument about the fate of Cloud City, and the Flash Gordon reboot! 

Musings of a Geek #085: DanCon!

We threatened two shows in one week and here we are!  This show, recorded on 4/10/15, is chock full of awesomeness!  We discuss: Musings of Dan’s Backyard, Des’ travels to Rose City Comic Con, GTA V players are crazy, Dan explains his philosophy on playing board games, the Gremlins remake, True Detective 2, Ballast Point microbrews, Orange is the New Black, the fact that we all have too many shows to watch, the Bollywood Game of Thrones and whether or not anyone cares about the books anymore, Dark Tower as a film project, the fact that Hollywood seems to cast the same 16 actors in Comic book movies, Fantastic Four, Ways to make old video games cool, Adam Sandler, Wondercon’s move to LA. and we finish off with Baseball and Football!

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