Graphic Novice #058

Graphic Novice #058: Nickel Hates Daredevil (aka Nickel Tries to Hate Daredevil)


Ben (VF) makes his triumphant return after a week away from the podcast with jungle flu, and has some comments on last week’s episode with Desmond Hassing (from the Slackademia and Musings of a Geek podcast) and Jason Brigger (from the Musings of a Geek podcast).  The pre-recording plans were to get to the comics quickly and efficiently to keep this week’s episode as close to 60 minutes as possible…  and sadly, this might be as close as it gets… so instead of sticking with the plan, the first half hour of the show is spent talking about camping and lawn care.  Once that’s out of the way, Nickel and VF discuss the first appearance of the Great Lakes Avengers, and once again rehash their ongoing Civil War debate before eventually moving on to the namesake of this episode, the recently launched Daredevil series on Netflix.

Instead of hopping on the bandwagon, Nickel attempts to nitpick the hell out of Netflix’s Daredevil series.  There isn’t that much to criticize, and so as usual, Nickel talks for a long time without really saying anything at all, and after all that, the guys agree…  Daredevil, at least through the first few episodes, is pretty darn good.

In this week’s edition of the aptly named “Rapid-Fire Review” books released on April 1, 2015 are discussed, including: The Woods #12, UFOlogy #1 (of 6), Arkham Manor Engame #1 (one-shot), Batman Eternal #52, Convergence #0, Gotham Academy Endgame #1 (one-shot), Black Science #13, Dying and the Dead #2, Nailbiter #11, Southern Bastards #8, Amazing Spider-Man #17, Avengers #43, Spider-Gwen #3, Uncanny Avengers #3, Uncanny Inhumans #0, Wolverines #13, and Rai #8.

With no room left for a feature segment, its straight to the April 8 book release, and a discussion of which books Nickel and VF will be reading.  Thanks a bunch for listening and continuing to download these ridiculously long episodes.

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