Salty Language Episode #192: Deadly Fluff

Salty Language Episode #192:  Deadly Fluff


Tony and Bryan talk about gross feet, new phones, @midnight’s points winner, Casey Jones casting, ’60s Batman animated movie, Trever Noah, Patton Oswalt’s Twitter rant, Jim Norton addresses internet outrage, Monsanto lobbyist backed in a corner on tv, Xbox Live Games For Gold, Indiana’s Church of Cannabis and more!


Monsanto Lobbyist Steps In It:

Xbox Live Games For Gold April:

Indiana’s Church of Cannabis:

Jim Norton article on Internet Outrage:

Patton Oswalt Defends Trevor Noah:

First Winner of @Midnight’s Points Challenge:

Animated ’60s Batman’ Moive is Coming:

TMNT 2 Casts Casey Jones:


Salty Language Patreon page:

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