Graphic Novice #056: Breaking Up Is Hard


Graphic Novice #056: Breaking Up Is Hard

 The Graphic Novice Comic Book Podcast returns for another week.  After announcing a new 60-minute format change proposal, we changed nothing, and to the surprise of no one, we didn’t manage to cut any time off the podcast.  We spend the non-comic book portion of the show talking about past break-ups, sleeping habits, sneaking back home after a night of drinking and a plethora of other self-indulgent subject matter before moving on to our focus content, comic books. Comic news includes a cutting and insightful review of iZombie and the CW App.  In our weekly review of the books we read from March 18, we discuss Batgirl #40, Batman Eternal #50, Alex + Ada #13, Chrononauts #1, Outcast #7, Red One #1, All-New Captain America #5, All-New X-Men #39, Amazing Spider-Man #16.1, Magneto #16 (Nickel’s Book of the Week), Moon Knight #13, Silk #2, and Wolverines #11. We didn’t leave enough time to discuss the February Sales totals, so we moved right to a quick look at the books coming out March 25, 2015, and say our weekly goodbyes.

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