Snake Oil Comics Triple Shot! With a Danger Ent Crossover!

Snake Oil Comics Episode #049: DAPF POD (Danger Ent Crossover!)

Travis and Devin have the pleasure this week of talking with Annaleis and Neil C of “Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks” Podcast. Make sure to check out and rate their show on iTunes and Stitcher.

Snake Oil Comics Special: D&D Stats Night!:

Travis and Devin are joined by Ryan from The B.S. Chronicles (Devin’s other show) to roll stats for the SOC A.D. D&D night.


 Snake Oil Comics #048: Track Suit Man Rolls a 20 on Charm

Travis fails to make it into the shop again this week, but does manage to Skype into the show. We interview Len Mihalovich about his comic, Track Suit Man. We also talk about the Batgirl variant cover controversy and generate the frameworks for our D&D characters.

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