Who The What Now?! #036: Questionable Comics Roundtable #001

Who The What Now?! #036: Questionable Comics Roundtable #001


This week Michelle is absent, but that doesn’t stop Michael from taking on the hot button comic industry issues with guests VF & Nickle from the Graphic Novice podcast. They take on the Batgirl cover controversy, talk about how comics are trying to court female readers with varying success, the many female comic character costume changes,  Lady Thor outsells old stinky Man-Thor, is it good or bad that booth babes are no longer allowed at some cons?,  should cons have a beer garden?, Is DC going raise prices?, are comics too costly? What’s the deal with Secret Wars?

 Maybe it would have been a good idea to wait for Michelle.

 Plus we ask some dorky comic geek questions. Our ideal X-men lineups, and what super power would you like to have? SPOILER: VF’s is wrong.

  Check, check, check it!

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