Green Up #60: Long Live Spock!

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GREEN UP #060:  Long Live Spock

The boys are back! We update you on the new segments that are coming out this month!  An interesting story about KFC’s edible coffee cup, UK only.  Netflix, whats new, whats coming out and how binge watching has changed how we watch shows. We talk about a couple 360 games that we played last week.  Battlefield Hardline news is brought, remember just a couple weeks away.  We take a voicemail on the show and discuss ‘early access in gaming good or bad?’  We do our best to answer it, but it brought up a good conversation. Premier League was a good weekend, and Ryan is worried about getting on the bandwagon. We give our respects to Leonard Nimoy and Robin Williams. Philip gives a teaser for his story, final Sunday of March!!  And we finish the show with Walking Dead.

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