The History of Bad Ideas Joins the Danger Entertainment Podcast Network!

Please welcome our newest recruits! The trio of Jason, Jeff, & Blake talk about all the news that’s fit to geek out about and often tease mercilessly. Listen as they talk smack about movies, TV, Comics and yo’ momma! That last one is probably not true unless your momma is Dolly Parton. Take a listen!

HOBI Episode #060: Babe 3: Pig In a Blanket!



The HOBI gang welcomes film critic, Jeff Morris, aka Jimbo Morrison, back into the studio to discuss all things Oscars!  Morris discovers he has a knack for picking Academy Award winners much more than Golden Globe winners and the guys try to determine what Neil Patrick Harris was doing.  The gang tries to make sense of Battle Queen 2020 in the latest Plotlines! and discover other “serious” films in the same genre.  Blake is smitten with the Mortal Kombat soundtrack and the guys talk their favorite baseball players!  The gang close out the show with their Top 5 Best Picture Nominees That Never Won the Oscar!

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