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Four dorks getting together weekly to chat about the happenings in pop culture, movies, comics, beer and whatever else we feel like. Come join us on this wild ride……..hmm maybe not too wild, but we hope you enjoy it and spread this disease!!!

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Ladies Night Episode: #44: Where is Everyone?

Happy Labor Day!! Today we are joined with Brian, Eric,……………and that’s it!! We discuss Scream the TV show, Wes Craven and all his glory!!!! Do a little quiz…..see what you get!! Then out of nowhere Josh jumps in!!! Periscope is the derailment of our show….for real!!!!! Oh and Manmosas and Jameson!!!! We love you all and hope you have time to Subscribe, Rate and Review………and maybe share with your friends!!

Ladies Night Episode: #43: The Stranger side of Ladies Night

About time we get back behind the mic. This week it’s just Josh and Eric. We catch up on the past month’s happenings and dive deep into getting to learn a little bit more about our buddy Josh, with a little help from a good friend!!

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Ladies Night Episode #42: Right in my mouth….? Happy B-Day Brian!!

All the guys get together and sit around drinking Bacardi 151 and talk about gay marriage, religion, Ready Player One, and other stuff I’m not sure about at the moment……oh and we take a superhero quiz at the end!!!!! We hope you enjoy!!!!! Please let us know what you think and what you may want to hear about on the pod!!;)

Ladies Night Episode #41: In the Dark

Eric and Josh are stuck in the Dark ages, while Brian and Luke bring us up to date with some of the goings on in the world today….some. Hope you enjoy! Oh and let us know what you think!

Ladies Night Episode #40: WOW This is what you want!!!!!

Its been a month since we hung out, so this is what you get lol! We talk about the goings on and Mad Max and a little more!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

 Ladies Night Episode #39: Sexual Velcro

Brian is lame and shows up late. We talk about what’s going on in our lives and lots of SEX TALK!!! Lets talk about sex baby, lets talk about you and me!!!! Then stuff gets serious.  Oh and we do a quiz (about sex)!!!!









 Ladies Night EPISODE #38: Danger Entertainment!!!

We’re back!!! We’re live!!! We’re on a network!!! Let’s do this!!!

Ladies Night EPISODE #37: Disney’s Dark Rides with Blu Carson

In this episode we are honored to have Blue Carson, author of Dark Rides!!! We talk about her book, we get drunk on Lapu Lapus. There’s a few moments where we almost kick members out of the band!! If you have ever wanted to know what Punk Disney Princess you would be, well you’re in luck!!!
This is a longer ep. so stick around and we hope you enjoy it!!! Let us know what princess you are and go check out Blu Carson and Dark Rides!!
Where to find Blue Carson and her book:


Ladies Night EPISODE #36?:  One Wedding And A Funeral

TLB is back with a newly found Ball and Chain!!! We ramble about events that happened in the past two weeks of our lives. Brian is late as usual… of these times we will just expect it. We do a stupid Which 90s band are you quiz. And we talk about some real stuff and things!! DxOxGxTx


Ladies Night EPISODE #35: Happy Almostversary!!!

Happy almostversary! We hold your hand, and talk about our butts…and if we are pregnant! We talk about a reality show about dying on Mars. Neill Blonkamp is making an Alien movie! Comic-Con is stupid. Nick Frost has Tattoos! JNCO’s are back! Zach Snyder is making Aquaman tough! And Spielberg wants to make Chris Pratt the new Harrison Ford. All this plus a review of the vampire film What We Do In The Shadows on this weeks, Ladies Night!


Ladies Night EPISODE #34: New Visions Radio New Life (LIVE!!!)

We’re live broadcasting from New Visions Radio! We talk about V-Day 2015 and take a Buffy LOVE quiz. Danger 5 is a show! Luke talks about Sparks (they a band). We RIP Gary Owens (Powderd Toast Man), and Jon Stewart. Halloween gets “recalibrated,” Giallarmo del Torro made a movie, and Clint Eastwood directed something other than a chair!


 Ladies Night EPISODE #33: Alcoholics Anonymous Testing Site

Thank you for not showing up Luke!!!! HAHAHAHA!! We talk about trailers, take a test, and just enjoy each others wonderful company!! Enjoy!! Rate, Review……or don’t that’s cool too! – Lady E


Ladies Night EPISODE #32: Reach out and touch Jeffrey!

We take some Grant (from The Stranger Conversations) advice and do an early podcast…..F it!!!!! We talk about some great podcast then get pleasantly interrupted by our buddy Jeffrey!!! Enjoy and we will see you Sunday!!!!


Ladies Night EPISODE #31: Reach out and touch a TLB!

So this is what happens when too much drinking is involved BEFORE a podcast…screw you Lady B for being 2 hours late..hahaha!! We bring TLB on the podcast!! Introducing our first interview, and headsets!! Maybe headsets weren’t a great idea! Please enjoy, rate, review, blah blah blah Whiplash is a good movie!!!! – Lady E


Ladies Night EPISODE #30: Brian is back, dirty 30 spa in-law!!!

Issue 2 of 2015. Can you believe we posted 2 in a row?!!! Golden Globes!!!! Paris?!!! Freedom of speech, Fantastic 4?!!!!! A minimal dose of Star Wars! Johnny D, Kevin S……and a litlle BTTF2!!!!!! Oh and wait for it?!!!! hmmm….guess your gonna have to listen to the whole thing!!!! – Lady E J L B


Ladies Night EPISODE #29: 2015…A Whole New World!!!!!! Hahahaha now that’s in your head!!!!!

We’re back! How did we finish off 2014? What are we excited about for 2015? Coming at you semi fucking live, with a 20:15 minute lag!!!! Check it out!! Hope you enjoy and we love you all!!! – Lade E, J, L…..and not B cause he’s a……….:)

Don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe, blah blah blah!!!!!


Ladies Night EPISODE #28: FlashCast…Or…Flashing Ladies?!!!

We deliver our first of many The Flash version of our podcast. Well it is pretty much exactly the same except that Lady E is forcing it to be an exclusive Flash thing cause he has a boner for the show….can’t blame him….well me actually cause him/me is the one typing this, muahahahahaha!!! enjoy and cheers Gotham Knights!!!


Ladies Night EPISODE #27: Invasion Of The Podcasts!!! TV Talk!!

In this amazingly fun filled episode we tackle the important topics of…what comic book would you like to see as a TV show!!! Yes that’s correct! We also get a visit from Jay and Grant from 7 Days A Geek Podcast and from Ben and Steve from Pure BS Podcast check all these guys out!!!!!!! You can thank me later! Enjoy!!!


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